Optimize Your Wastewater Flow

Arrange for routine septic tank pump-out services in the Odessa, TX area

To maximize the lifespan on your septic tank, you'll want to schedule routine emptying services. This will optimize the wastewater flow from your house and reduce the chance of blockages.

When you need a septic tank pump-out in Odessa, TX or the surrounding area, turn to Texas Septic Service LLC. Our residential septic pumping services are perfect for homeowners and landlords looking to preserve their systems.

For more information on our septic pumping services, call 432-272-0508 now. Be sure to ask about our pump-out discounts.

Be confident that you're getting top-notch services

Rest assured that we'll maintain full transparency during the septic tank pump-out. You'll know what the problem is, how we're addressing it and what the final pricing includes.

Our septic pumping service involves:

  • Opening your septic tank
  • Measuring the level of solids
  • Breaking up the solids
  • Pumping everything out
  • Closing your tank again

When it comes to emptying jobs, we're not interested in cutting corners or cheating you out of money. No matter your septic needs, you can be confident that we'll complete top-quality work at a competitive price. Contact us now to get started on your septic tank pump-out.